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Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails Development

At Cigma , we have over 10 years of Ruby on Rails development experience and have success stories of more than 20+ unique projects in just 2 years. Our rockstar RoR developers are passionate about their work and help you build the exact application that fulfills all your business needs.

  • Ruby on Rails Consultation
  • Ruby on Rails Custom application development
  • Ruby on Rails Porting and Migration
  • Ruby on Rails Code Review
  • Ruby on Rails Application Support and Maintenance
  • Ruby on Rails Version Upgrade
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Open Source

Backed by a strong community, Ruby on Rails is open source.

Rapid Development

RoR has over 50,000+ gems library which helps us build applications at a rapid pace.

Secured and Modular

Ruby on Rails follows MVC design pattern and comes with inbuilt security features.


Rails follows all the latest conventions like REST and MVC.

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Mon-Fri 10:00am-6:00pm
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